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Seeds Sown In Fire

August, 2022

Team: Artist Mandi Caskey and Liv Morris

Financial Partners: City of Whitehall and the Catalyst Columbus Fund

Canvas Partner: City of Whitehall

Project Details

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In "Seeds Sown in Fire," artist Mandi Caskey created a thought-provoking fire performance piece. Two murals featuring women gazing at each other were painted on a house slated for demolition by firefighters. The burning of the house served as the performance's climax, raising questions about human interaction with the world around us.

Concept: The intense heat of the fire not only consumed the house but also melted the siding of the house next door, partially destroying one of the murals. This unexpected turn of events added a layer of complexity to the piece, prompting reflection on impermanence and the transformative power of fire.

Impact: Despite the partial destruction of the murals, Caskey found the experience to be both exhilarating and saddening. "Seeds Sown in Fire" serves as a powerful testament to the beauty and impermanence of art, leaving a lasting impression on those who witnessed it.


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