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Bridge Project

May, 2020 

Team: Mandi Caskey, Brian Suiter, David Greenzalis, Jacob Bench, Katie Bench, Tim Cousino, Hawke Trackler, Lisa Celesta, Ariel Peguero, Chris Blain, Patrick Cardwell, Eric Terranova, Sam Rex, Justin Paul Villanueva, Emily Barber, Lori Baudro

Financial Partners: Create Columbus Commission

Canvas Parter: Ohio Department of Transportation

Project Details

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As the first Catalyst project, Co-Founders Mandi and Brian got the incredible chance to create a vision that they had been talking about for years. A true collaborative effort, with generous financial support from the Create Columbus Commission, Catalyst was able work with Ohio Department of Transportation, City of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department,  the Downtown Art Commission and Right of Way Department to secure approvals to create a piece that is nearly 400 ft long, 30 feet wide and almost 9,000 square feet in total! Using nearly 50 gallons of paint, a civil engineer, an architect and 15 artists and helpers, the vision was supported by a team. Cleaning the bridge and set up for the piece took 3 times longer than the actual painting, which was completed in only one and a half days!


The piece reflects a moment in time where, due to COVID 19, many people are working from home or sheltered in place. With the inaccessible and abandoned "canvas" of the bridge, the message of unity and inspiration can be experienced and enjoyed by everyone from the comfort of their couches. Additionally, understanding the financial challenge that the COVID situation placed on the artist community in Columbus, Catalyst had the fortune of being able to pay artists to help complete the piece.


Behind The Scenes

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