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John Bishop Park Project

October, 2022

Artists: Lucie Shearer, Dane Khy and Mandi Caskey

Financial Partner: City of Whitehall

Canvas Partner: City of Whitehall

Project Details

John Bishop Park Mural Wall 04-5.jpg
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In collaboration with the City of Whitehall, Catalyst Columbus brought public art to the community with the project "Street Art in the Park". This marked the third successful collaboration between the two organizations aimed at enriching the community through public art. The project featured three regional mural artists: Dane Khy, Lucie Shearer, and Mandi Caskey. Each artist transformed a building in or around John Bishop Park into a vibrant, museum-quality artwork.


Whitehall Schools students also played a role in the project, collaborating with the artists on one of the installations. The completion of the murals was celebrated with a community event at John Bishop Park, offering residents a chance to meet the artists and witness their creative process. The City of Whitehall played a key role as a major financial partner, recognizing the project's potential to engage the community and revitalize downtown Whitehall.


Intersections Project

October 4th, 2023

Artists: Lucie Shearer, Liv Morris, Francesca Miller, Luka Weinberger, Kate Sweeney, Gabriela Torres, Derrick Callendar, Covert, Austin Pinckney, and Sloan

Financial Partner: The Women's Fund

Project Details

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On Wednesday, in the heart of Columbus, an art movement came to life,
transforming our urban landscape overnight. In a passionate collaboration between Catalyst
Columbus and The Women's Fund of Central Ohio, artists, visionaries, activists, and
community enthusiasts embarked on a powerful mission to ignite conversations about
femininity, diversity, and empowerment through the vibrant medium of street art.

This visionary project, titled "Intersections,"revolves around the theme "what does femininity
mean to you?" Ten exceptionally talented artists were commissioned to channel their
creativity into unique artworks, each offering a personal interpretation of femininity. These
compelling narratives were then reproduced into over 250 posters, enlivening our city's
visual tapestry.

During the remarkable overnight transformation, the dedicated collective descended upon
downtown Columbus and neighboring areas, embellishing urban canvases from Franklinton
to the Brewery District, Downtown to Olde Towne East. Armed with organic and
environmentally friendly "wheat paste," these artists brought the posters to life, seamlessly
weaving them into the fabric of our city.


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