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From the Catalyst team

Catalyst Columbus is a unique non-profit organization in Columbus, Ohio, founded on the belief that public art can be a powerful catalyst for positive change. Established with the mission of "elevating our community through inspired, large scale contemporary mural art," they raise funds from public and private donors to bring vibrant murals to life across the city.

These murals are more than just colorful additions to buildings. Catalyst Columbus views them as a platform for artistic expression, sparking conversation and fostering a sense of community pride. Their projects don't just beautify walls; they breathe life into neighborhoods, ignite dialogue, and contribute to the city's cultural identity.

By collaborating with local artists and building owners, Catalyst Columbus has transformed Columbus into an open-air art gallery. Their portfolio boasts an impressive collection of murals, each with its own unique style and message. If you're interested in exploring these works of art, Catalyst Columbus likely has a map or guide available to help you discover the hidden gems adorning the city's streets.

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Who we are...



Brian Suiter

Brian is a real estate advisor, developer and community builder. His passion lies at the intersection of art, real estate and philanthropy.

He champions the creation and sustainability  of vibrant communities through his involvement in for-profit and non-profit entities, throughout Central Ohio. By supporting the creation of public art and by working to ensure the development of Columbus' urban areas, Brian exemplifies a dedication to using both art and development to create beautiful and thriving places for people to live, work, connect and collaborate.

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Mandi Caskey

Mandi aka Miss Birdy is an internationally recognized muralist, gallery artist and community activist living in Columbus Ohio. 


Birdy has been painting murals full time for 10 years. Having exhibited work in numerous cities from around the world she invites the viewers to reimagine our perceptions, find beauty in the unconventional and celebrate the boundless possibilities of activating your public spaces. 

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