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Hues of Home Project


Team: Mandi Caskey, Brian Suiter and a ton of volunteers

Financial Partner: City of Whitehall

Canvas Partner: City of Whitehall

Project Details

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Catalyst Columbus, partnered with the city of Whitehall to revitalize a blighted area on the corner of Broad Street and Hamilton Road. The site, once home to the troubled Woodcliff condominiums, was slated for a major $250 million mixed-use development.

In the meantime, Catalyst Columbus saw an opportunity to beautify the area and engage the community. Led by artist Mandi Caskey and Brian Suiter, a team of volunteers transformed a row of abandoned houses with a vibrant paint job. These colorful houses served as a temporary art installation, sparking conversation and injecting life into the deserted area.

The project aimed to achieve more than beautification. It embodied the spirit of renewal, showcasing the potential for transformation that was on the horizon. The vibrant colors served as a counterpoint to the drab and decaying houses, offering a glimpse of the future development.

This project exemplified Catalyst Columbus' mission to use art as a catalyst for positive change. By collaborating with the city and the community, they were able to create a unique and memorable experience, fostering excitement for the upcoming development.


Behind The Scenes

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